Debbie Adams at a rock gig.

Debbie Adams was well known amongst the AOR Rock community.. She was a regular at gigs across the country and championed the genre through live events and the media, including online radio stations and print. Her passion brought many people to the scene and also brought together musicians and fans from across the globe to revel in the sounds that she loved.

Debbie Adams running the merch stall at Z Rock

Debbie could often be seen running the Merch Stall for bands at gigs and festivals, enabling her to get close to the bands and meet even more like-minded rock aficionados.

Debbie was loved by many people in her life, but had two special relationships.. KR Rocks is an opportunity for everyone who loved her to come together and remember all of the happy times that she was part of and to raise money for a charity that was so close to her heart and life.

For Debbie. You smiled through everything and never let anything stand in your way from helping others even though you were suffering. Tirelessly campaigning and Fundraising. A determined little bugger you always achieved so much. I’ll miss you always. Love you loads honey bun xxxxx – Ashley-Jayne Strom 2019